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  1. These are Gen3 non pro models
  2. Yeah. You’ll be blinded. After hearing my wife complain about it a million times I finally surrendered. And mines are run only at 30%. My stand is white inside and out. Not sure about the black stands.
  3. It’s a reefer 350. It just sits on top of the tank glass with rubber cushions.
  4. So I got tired of being blinded by all the light spillover on my tank. So I built this canopy out of white PVC boards. Also built a light rack into the canopy. Matches the tank nicely. Thought I’d share with the rest of the community.
  5. I'm an Aquavitro user. My only knock on it would be that it takes forever to clear up. Always looks cloudy to me. I'll be looking into ESV after I finish this bucket.
  6. My wife be like: How much more corals are you gonna squeeze in there. Your tank is beeping. The light is blinding me.
  7. I second City pets as well. It was referred to me by my cousin and well worth the visit.
  8. "How much for a setup like this?" The answer depends on if my wife is listening on the conversation or not. Lol. Usually I just get a jaw drop reaction.
  9. First you would have to make sure your UV can handle that flow rate. Too fast of flow wouldn't give you enough contact time to sterilize parasites. And then too slow of flow wouldn't give you enough tank turnover to your sump. This is the main reason why I run a separate pump for my UV and it just pumps from one end of the sump to the other.
  10. MarkN

    220 stand

    Getting closer. Canopy is done. Now to build some doors and slap some paint on it.
  11. The last tank I started, I started the cycle with Aquavitro Seed. Cycled the tank really fast! It also helped that I used the water from my 220 during a water change to fill it up. I would definitely recommend this product when cycling.
  12. How accurate are those Hannah instruments in your opinion? I heard the Calc checker was a bit up and down. Even when checking it back to back.
  13. Anyone can recommend me a good Lafayette LFS to visit that's also open on Sunday. I'll be in the area tomorrow and would like to check out what's available.
  14. That is some beautiful carpentry. The color combo of the stand kind of reminds me of an old school Nintendo controller. Love the setup!