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  1. They were mostly closed when I saw them, but I believe they were blue.
  2. I was in there Saturday. All I saw were 2 small clams. About 1" each.
  3. can you tell me the size and prices of your frags?  Thanks

  4. My swallowtail angel did the same a few months ago.
  5. I am a repair man. I have the ultimate set of tools. I can fix it. Couldn't resist that line from a classic 1980's movie. Modified slightly.
  6. Parameters seem about right. Some may say KH on the low side. Torch dying, perhaps in high flow area? I've had that happen to me. As indicated above, leathers will go through phases, give it a few days and it should perk back up. Sometimes zoas just melt away and sometimes certain types of coral just don't thrive in some tanks. I cannot grow orange cap in my tank, but I can grow purple cap. Go figure. Hang in there.
  7. Had front pane separate from bottom just over a year ago on a 90. Not fun!
  8. Not to hijack, but I went to Mike Anderson's in BR earlier this week and their tank in the lobby looked like CRAP. Green algae all over the rocks, most lps coral half dead and covered in green algae. SPS bleached. Had a few softies that looked ok, but everyting else looked bad. Had a couple of nice looking plates, but I don't know how they are surviving. Wanted to take them home with me to give them a better chance of survival. I asked the hostess who maintains the tank, she didn't know.
  9. I put black tint on the back of my 90 almost 2 years ago. No problems whatsoever.
  10. When did BRS start selling CROWN???!!!??? Must have missed that.
  11. I've had a coral beauty for about 2 years. Model citizen so far with regard to corals.