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  1. I tried viewing the link you have above but it say's I do not have permission to view it. Know why? I am a member.
  2. Hey Matt! Can you give me a run down on how to use this and how to dispose of it properly? My rock is in bad shape I fear.
  3. Hey everyone! I am looking for seahorse keepers in the Nola area. More specifically ones that have successfully obtained a prescription of Diamox from a vet or any doctor willing to write for treating GBD (gas bubble disease). I learned today from my vet that scripts can be faxed across statelines. If I had known that I would have asked Dan/Abby at Seahorse Source who they used in years past when I talked to them this morning but seeing how they are in Ft. Peirce, Fl and in heavy prep mode for Irma I don't want to call them again. Advice?