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  1. Have a few frags I need to move out the tank. have 2 different green fungia plates 1.5” across ~$15 large one is a little over 3” across. $30. trumpet/candy canes. Bright green and light green. $5/head can break them down or make various sizes currently have one with roughly 20+heads Id sell cheaper just PM offers. And a 10 head (both pictured) rack of digi 4 frags. $15 each? will be evicting some rainbow nems as I get them loose. Currently have one available $75 OBO. have a red cap I’ll be trimming as I make room. $10/frag shooting for quarter sizes or better. willing to trade for equipment or guns Parts/ammo. fastest way to reach me is by cell. 5042283485 located in Ponchatoula.
  2. have two ill be removing from my tank here ASAP. rainbows. located in ponchatoula. just have to try to get them free. ill be at the meet, or you can shoot me ur # in PM ill send you pics.
  3. Believe one of those "can" is suppose to be a "can't" hopefully the can't is for sourcing powder.
  4. @Bob Loblaw Any personal experience with that source? From what I've read no prescription sourcing seems to be less reliable.
  5. Have some fish I need to QT and afraid to use copper because I have a small school of anthias and a wrasse. Have a friend who can get me CP but I can't find anyone to write the prescription for it. Anyone a vet/Dr or know a vet/Dr who can write the script. My go to vet won't write it because it's for a fish and he doesn't deal with fish.
  6. wish i would have gotten email updates to thread posts sorry I missed it.
  7. Picture does this fish absolutely NO justice! Thanks for the hospitality to my family this evening. Beautiful home and and even better tank setup! The poster child of any home-around-tank build.
  8. working on a small GHA outbreak with peroxide. so far only thing it has killed is my cleaner shrimp gonna do a dip and try to knock the patch I have off my Zoa frag tonight. Will let you know of the outcome.