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  1. Anyone have any idea what causes red hair algae to grow over green? All I am getting is red hair algae...
  2. Has anyone heard any updates as to when the Trident is coming out other than maybe 2nd QTR 2018?
  3. yes, Its been a while.. Just a little update, more than half my corals due to my alkalinity raising which caused my corals to take off. In the mean time it sucked my Nitrates down to nothing for 2 weeks while I was out of town and you can imagine my reaction when I came home. So today I solved that problem. Went to Aqua Hut and bought the following: 1 Exquisite Wrasse 1 Yellow Wrasse 1 Swallow Tail Angel 1 Wannabe Angel 12 Blue Chromis 5 Pajama Cardinals 1 Twin Spot Goby 1 Starry Blenny 25 Scarlet Crabs Hopefully this will solve my Nitrates problem now.. lol I'll post some pictures hopefully tomorrow..
  4. I guess its time I replace my fuel dosing with Nitrates dosing..
  5. Dam I hate finding this out!!! So my alk has been increasing and nitrates have been reducing... I hate finding this out this late!!!! 23 FREAKING FRAGS AND COLONIES gone due to this!!!! Thats over half of my MACNA gone!!! I need to buy some frags from my brothers out there!! Im so disappointed... I literally watched all of their branches grow....... Thanks for the article Stoned.. Bumped up Nitrates to almost 5 ppm today..
  6. Thanks Stoned, just read everything so I need to go back and look at my log history to see what has changed.
  7. as of today, I have lost 15 corals, 5 really good colonies.. I am absolutely depressed!!
  8. ll of my parameters are absolutely nominal. This is the problem. I can find flatworms or anything. I am pulling my hair out.. Nitrates, phosphates, pH, mg, ca, alk, salinity, everything is looking good. I can't find 1 single thing. I am even now adding flatworm stop, and phyto X.
  9. I am constantly loosing my SPS, and have no idea whats wrong. Have done multiple water changes and it seems like I am loosing a coral or 2 a week. This is a freaking nightmare!!!