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  1. I have three aquaknight/hipargero nano leds up for sale $45 each $120 for all 3. Worked great on my 33g but I'm upgrading. Also have a icecap k2-50 protein skimmer. $90obo Upgraded along with other equipment. API master test kit. Only used a hand full of time to cycle the tank. $20 Located in Gretna, can meet with in reasonable driving distance.
  2. I have a buddy looking to sell a 90g, stand and sump.
  3. What's the dimensions on your 65?
  4. Looking for led lights for a 40g, preferably around NOLA. Let me know what you have.
  5. I havent posted on here in a while but huge update. Everything is plumbed painted and transferred. Only thing that went down with the transfer is my clowns beat my royal gramma up pretty bad in the new tank and he's not looking to hot and isn't eating. I think the stress of the move and the clownfish picking on him took it's toll but hopefully he will bounce back. I picked up a yellow watchman goby to finish off my stocking. Except now I have no fish that swim out in the open much. Here's some pics though.
  6. Roughed in the plumbing and test fit everything. It's going to be a tight fit but everything will work out. Now to finish painting and get this thing complete.
  7. Update: Took a ride out to Louisiana Fish Store this weekend and got the tank drilled and picked up about 10lbs of dry base rock. Also made my DIY screen top and drilled the holes in the stand for my plumbing and started to paint.
  8. Made some progress on the stand a couple days ago. Hoping to have it complete and ready to paint by tonight. Headed to Louisiana Fish Store tomorrow to have it drilled. Stand is 24x24x36 2x4 and 1/2" Plywood. Drawer will house all electronics. Slot will be for my rack power strip Once Open The drawer will have all my controllers, Reefkeeper Lite, Wavemaker, and Return pump. Door will be held on by earth magnets. Plan to drill holes from the top to run plumbing down to the sump so every thing is concealed in one unit. Only thing that will be exposed is the power wire to my switcher. Plan to drill two holes in the back of the stand to mount two 120mm fans one blowing in fresh air and one blowing hot air out.
  9. I was planning on having someone drill the tank for me, not thinking it would cost that much. lol However it was a decent bit more than I thought per hole so 3 holes would be killer on me. I may try to get the overflow drilled today or friday next time I'm off. I need to get the overflow on at least so I can finish cutting out the plumbing holes for my stand. I'm at the point in the build where I need to get the bulkheads in to continue. Up coming plans Drill tank, Complete stand, Rough fit plumbing/Glue Add all electrical water test then start the transfer.
  10. Looking for someone around NOLA who can drill my tank for me. Tank is a Innovative Marine 25 w/ 8mm Glass I need one hole drilled for a 1 1/2" Bulkhead, I have the bit for this. and two holes drilled for 3/4" Bulkheads, No bit
  11. Well only having standard tanks to compare it to. It's nice. The glass is 8mm about .3in thick top edge has a nice bevel to it. Back glass is smoked. I was really impressed and excited to get it complete.
  12. Roughing in the plumbing and seeing how everything fits into the sump.