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  1. @aquaman67 no I do not that’s why I want to get rid of it. It never really opened up a lot.
  2. I have a branching hammer with 4 heads on it for $40. I sadly struggle with keeping hammers and others alike. I feel like I always just kill them slowly and want it to have a good home. Located in Baton Rouge. DM me if interested.
  3. I’ve had a tank for about 7 years now but had gotten my setup from a friend of mine. I had a 40g breeder and a 20g tall but wanted just one tank to take care of for awhile. I moved into my new house and decided to build a new setup all on my own. I built the stand using 2x6 lumber and covered it unfinished solid oak flooring. I had to rip the boards thicknesses down on a table saw to save on some weight. I finished the oak with an ebony stain with a white interior. The wood working part took me awhile but was my favorite part of the build. I plumbed up the 30g sump and transferred my fish and rock from my 20g and 40g tanks. Everyone survived the move and are enjoying their new home. Time to start planning out my next build.
  4. I really wish I could make it but I have a memorial gold tournament that day as well or I would totally be there.
  5. Tanks like this beautiful one right here is why I decided to get involved in the hobby. This is a wonderful thread and I hope one day to plan out a setup like yours! Well done sir!