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  1. Hey everybody. I have a 32 gallon biocube for sale. It comes with the tank, stand, lights, return pump with random flow generator, a power head, 20 lbs of fiji sand, and misc. Tank well taken care of little to no scratches in acrylic. Minor hood damage. Lights are orbit marine led lights. Located in baton rouge 175$ takes it home
  2. Jlite57


    Frogspawn and hammar sold. All acros remaining. Will update prices.
  3. Jlite57


    My apologies updated
  4. Jlite57


    Selling some acro colonies gotta make some room for the new frags! Green Stag colony 150$ WWC Yellow tips colony 200$ Varios other acro colonies 100$ Cyphastria colony 100$ The more you get, price drops. PM me.
  5. Tank is is maurepas, but i frequently drive to baton rouge. Pm me I do not mind meeting people
  6. Hey Everyone! I have a Hollywood Stunner chalice that has grown to about 9x12 inches. If someone wants a large colony comment selling for cheap. If anyone wants frags, Ill make 4x3 inch chunk frags 10$ need to trim. Picture in post.