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  1. captgreg

    ISO Chaeto

    I have plenty for free im in picayune
  2. as stated.... good bad ugly? just need a stand
  3. captgreg

    ISO Lighting

    I have a Kessil can check out them shrooms too lol
  4. captgreg

    T5 lights

    I have like new wave point 4 foot
  5. Im about an hour and a half away but I have orange and some of the brightest ultra reds you have ever seen and about 9 other colors...worth the drive I promise
  6. um no meeting up for free have to come here lol im pretty much always here
  7. I have some gsp n Kenya I will donate to the cause
  8. I sure as heck don't need any more Kenya lol but I have some free chaeto if you get this way
  9. I have a bunch in picayune