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  1. What is the different with jf speckle krak and regular speckle krak? i lost my colony speckle krak looking for replacement Is your speckle krak same as the picture?
  2. sent you pm. text me on my cell phone faster reply.
  3. I can frag some hammer, frogspawn and indo dragon soul torch.
  4. My cell is 3379368766 if anyone want to contact for faster response. here some pictures toadstool, blastomussa mother if anyone want some. i also add some of my torch collection for enjoyment. All my torch are all in grow out not for sale. The last picture is sps frag being cut per request after paypal payment.
  5. All the jb and speckle krak is sold. all the other zoanthids, sps and uc Iron man chalice are available. when u ready to come down to Lake Charles I will hook you up for local reefer. if you ever come down I want that red mushroom you have in your sale thread. what kind mushroom is that?
  6. moss bluff is the same Lake Charles. i dont hardly go to New Orleans sorry.
  7. My zoanthids small tank is getting crowded it time to frags some for local reefer. I have speckle krak for 15 pp. Darth maul 3 pp Salt agave 5 pp Bam bam 3 pp Blue organism 3 pp Cb pink diamond 15 pp Rasta 3 pp Valentine day massacre 5 pp Tub blue 3 pp Jf rainbow incerator 10 pp miami vice zoanthids 3 pp Sps Jf cooler champagne 20 Rr triple shot 30 Mystic monti 15 Tyree rainbow. Tort 20 Red planet 20 Bc grape juice 20 Brad insane tierra del fuego 30 Pc rainbow 30 The real deal jawbreaker 75 dime size. Real deal jb dime size with red streak 125. toadstool Tyree original neon green 20 frag quarter size. Willow toadstool teal and neon green 30 quarter size frag blastomussa merletti red color 20 per frag about 4 polyps average. UC iron man chalice 25 per frag 3 eye average if you see any corals in my display tank you like please contact me and we will work out a very reasonable price. I always do very good discount if u buy 5 + frag pack. please paypal to hold and pickup within 2 weeks if possible. IMG_1337.mp4
  8. I have lot of table sps and all kind of sps if you make trip down to Lake Charles. I will give you a deal for sps frag pack. here some of my recent sps pictures.