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  1. BJB245


    This is the first time im back since the site crashed but everything is still available. I can make a great deal if someone wants all fish and or all liverock and coral
  2. BJB245


    Blake, I have a few people interested in the whole setup, but i will get back with you when i know something
  3. BJB245


    I would say tang is medium sized, roughly 3.5" long Currently everything is still available
  4. BJB245


    Yes, but after 12
  5. BJB245


    Scopas is still available, Twizzlers are spoken for as of now.
  6. BJB245


    Its now listed in the equipment
  7. BJB245


    Unfortunately i will be breaking my tank down and need to sell the livestock first. All fish are super healthy and have never had any sicknesses or diseases. And they all eat everything you put in the tank, including the tang. Pair of Picasso Clownfish $80 Scopas Tang $30 Royal Gramma $10 About 30-40 pounds of live rock with a few shrooms growing here and there. $80 One nice sized piece has about 50 polyps of Twizzlers $40 The entire setup will be listed for sale but livestock must go first, if you are looking for a complete setup we can make a deal. Im located in Thibodaux,La