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  1. I just wanted to add some updated photos of the tank. I started adding a few corals yesterday, so we'll see how they do! 2021-01-13_03-00-02 by Jensen Esneault 2021-01-13_02-59-13 by Jensen Esneault 2021-01-13_02-59-31 by Jensen Esneault 2021-01-13_02-59-44 by Jensen Esneault
  2. Nice! What kind of equipment do you have going on with it?
  3. Happy birthday to me...picked up an apex. Also got my carx put together. Just need a regulator and probe to get it going.
  4. Evening blues on the 180g reef. So far I've added 3 azure damsels, a royal gramma and a starry blenny. Picking up a lamarck angelfish from AquaHut tomorrow. I also did a tiny bit of cable management in the sump area. I got all the plugs and controllers up off of the sump floor. Still need to deal with the nest of wires though. I plan on organizing it better once I get my Apex. Hopefully I can pick one up before the end of the year. Oh, I also added some wifi leds to the sump area for lighting. I can get some crazy colors going if I want. Lol. They aren't super bright, but it's enough to see.
  5. A couple of updated pics. Sump is still a mess, but I'm still adding equipment. I'll clean up the wiring once I get it all in. 2020-11-02_03-36-37 by Jensen Esneault 2020-11-02_03-36-58 by Jensen Esneault 2020-11-02_03-37-17 by Jensen Esneault
  6. Been a while since I updated this build. The tank is up and running with about half of the scape complete. I'm still waiting on an additional 50 lbs of reef saver rock to be delivered. I only just recently got it running with salt and put the rock in so the water is still cloudy. I figured I'd go ahead and post these more recent pics and I'll have to take a few more updated pics of the sump/equipment to show where the tank is at currently. I plan on buying 3 more XR15s pretty soon to put over the tank. Plumbing by Jensen Esneault Sump area by Jensen Esneault Pump by Jensen Esneault 2020-10-30_09-57-50 by Jensen Esneault
  7. How's the tank doing Greg? I got a chance to check it out at the Christmas party and it was looking awesome! Love the sump. Any corals in the tank yet?
  8. Very nice DIY build! Very similar to the 30g build I did.
  9. I rented a par meter this weekend and my suspicion was confirmed. The remaining few sps in my 30g are recovering now that the AEFW are gone, but I could tell something else was wrong. My parameters are fine so I knew it wasnt that. My gen 1 radions are 10 years old and must be reaching the end of their life expectancy. They're still running fine, but the LEDs aren't putting out the par they used to. I had to crank up the intensity to 100% just to get a somewhat even spread of 250-300 par just 20 inches below the fixtures. The sps are now getting the par they need, so we'll see how they do from here. Oh, I also bought a yellow tang and added him to the tank.
  10. A quick update on the 30g frag tank...Unfortunately I'm going to have to start over with my SPS. Most of the SPS frags I had are dead due to AEFW. It's disheartening because I only bought SPS from reputable dealers that advertise they are "pest free". I did get two frags from Adam, but the two frags were fresh cut from healthy colonies, inspected, dipped in a concentrated solution of Bayer, and then inspected again before going into my 30g. There were no signs of any pests at all, so I know they didn't come from those two frags. Adult flatworms wouldn't have been able to survive the concentrated dip and there were no plugs or exposed coral bone for any eggs to come in on. All rock, sand and frag racks were removed from the tank. Small pieces of the few healthy surviving corals were cut, dipped in Bayer, glued to new plugs and put into a new frag rack. The few remaining corals are doing good and I haven't seen any signs of AEFW in months. I am struggling with keeping my nutrients up though because the tank is fishless. I'm thinking by pulling out all the sand and rock I removed the tank's biological filtration, which probably caused an ammonia spike and killed my fish. So, back to the drawing board. I'm looking forward to Aqua-fest to restock my SPS collection.
  11. A very rough sketch on how I plan on doing the plumbing. We'll see if it works out this way.
  12. I've never seen a stand/canopy like that. Pretty cool to see the different designs people can come up with. How's everything doing?
  13. Off to a good start! I've never bit the bullet and bought an Apex period. I've been holding out forever for something even better, and I think if I'm reading the writing on the wall correctly I believe ecotech is taking the first steps in the right direction for what I'm looking for with their Mobius app. I'm hoping they release an entire line of reef equipment all wirelessly controllable online through the Mobius app making the Apex obsolete. We'll see what happens. The Apex is certainly a great controller though. I'd say if your old Apex system is working fine, maybe wait a bit longer, save up and see what comes out on the market.