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  1. Not yet. I'm not happy with the matte finish on the stand. I'm going to tape it off and put on a coat of semi-gloss this weekend. I ordered 3 Radion xr15s and a Vectra L2 pump yesterday, so I should be getting those in soon. I will order another 3 xr15s for a total of 6 once the tank gets cycled and further along. I plan on picking up some or most of the plumbing parts this weekend as well, so I can start working on the plumbing next weekend. I still need to determine how I'm going to plumb this sucker though.
  2. If you got new sand, transferred your rock somewhere else and put new rock in then yes it will affect your cycle. The bacteria will need time to colonize the rock and sand.
  3. I like the scape. How's your tank doing since the restart?
  4. This is awesome! I want a frag shack...😁 Good work man!
  5. I think you said 3 xr30s and 3xr15s for lighting? What are all of the cut outs in the canopy for? Can you show me how your modules mount in your canopy?
  6. Man, you are talented! This build is sick!
  7. It has been so long since I posted I think I forgot Anyway, my sump was delivered yesterday. The 180g build is finally moving forward! 2020-02-19_12-00-16 by Jensen Esneault, on Flickr
  8. Jason had some very nice looking corals available! Wish I could've taken a few home with me...
  9. Nice! Always feels good to get the water in there and begin the cycle.
  10. I dig it. Not a major change in the scape, but it looks like it opened it up a bit.
  11. Looks awesome! I can tell you have a few years of reefing experience under your belt.?
  12. For sure. I will be a frag sharing SOB once the 180g goes up. A lot of room for fuzzy sticks! Hell, I might even have to trim back these frags in the 30g depending on how long this 180g build takes... Lol
  13. Ignore the middle pic. I can't figure out how to delete it with my phone...
  14. Sorry guys, not much to update on the 180g. Been working a lot and got hit pretty hard by the IRS. Still going to move forward though, just going to take more time. I have picked up some frags recently though from Adam and top shelf aquatics. I picked up a Diablo mille and ASD rainbow mille from Adam. The group of frags in the pic below from top shelf aquatics are the JF Shocktart, Paletta pink tip, ora red table, jkr rainbow acro, and the one in the middle back is a bill Murray.
  15. Looking great! Hopefully I can make it to the crawfish boil so I can see this tank in person again.