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  1. We’ve cut up a few encrusters for the event and will be bringing some high end collector frags as well! Hope to see you guys there! F8AB0A13-639F-4BCB-8B4E-8A04B9EE41E4.MOV
  2. @110reef, I haven’t used flux rx brand, but I have used the reef flux brand before in a client tank that didn’t respond to other treatments. It worked quite well, but it didn’t appear to do anything until almost the 2 week mark. Keep us updated on the progress of this product, it may work slightly differently.
  3. If the bag was in perfect condition with no puncture holes, I'd use it. Sometimes those boxes just fall apart due to the salt being very heavy and it beats the box to death during shipping.
  4. I had a similar issue a few weeks ago. When my normal delivery of salt arrived, one was in a Lowe's box. Apparently the box had been dropped or fallen off of a conveyor belt in transit, and the bag ripped. There was a 5" gash in one side, and they just wrapped the bag of salt in a cheap garbage bag, then put it in a Lowe's box and sent it on. I have no idea if any of that salt that touched the floor got back into the hole bag or what, so I just tossed the whole box. Not worth risking my tanks or my customer tanks over one box of salt. If it hadn't been ripped, I would've inspected it for puncture marks and possibly have used it. Did your bag have any holes or gashes?
  5. @kirk_m Tank is looking good! Glad you got everything rolling with the new tank.. I've got one frag of mint pavona sitting on my racks, if you're interested. Also, check into bacteria dosing to help "balance" out the tank. When I've had issues with tanks doing generally odd things, adding some different types of bacteria seems to help (in some cases). Dr. Tim's refresh and the sludge buster are some that come to mind, as well as "life source" made by aquaforest. Just my $0.02.
  6. Good morning fellow reefers! We’re looking for a knowledgeable and upbeat person to help us part-time with maintenance and installs! Flexible schedule, great pay, and other benefits. Please send your resume and contact information to Thanks!
  7. Wanted to do a quick report of my findings so far with the Aquaforest Reef Salt. I've gone through roughly 12 boxes this last month, and each batch I've tested has mixed within the specified ranges for the big three. I mainly tested for Alk, so I didn't test every single batch for Calcium or Mag, but when I did test, Ca/Mg were within range. I haven't had to change any 2-part dosing amounts since switching, and all the tanks I'm using the AF mix in haven't skipped a beat. It doesn't leave almost any residue in my containers, mixes clear pretty quick, and I can leave it mixed for more than a day without worrying that it will cloud up like the hW reefer mix did. I'm going to stick with the Aquaforest salt for awhile and will report back with long term findings. -Jeremy
  8. Looking good Travis! What's the current fish list for this tank?
  9. I've used HW Marinemix Reefer for the last 9 months and it tests within the label almost every time. The last few boxes have mixed up super cloudy for some reason and a few have had large chunks in it, but the chunks break up easy by hand and dissolve quickly. If you don't mind the mixed water being cloudy or breaking up chunks occasionally, it's a solid option that yields good results. Disclaimer - I mix multiple 160g boxes at a time, so if you use smaller amounts and don't stir your box before using it (to fix settling), your results may vary. I just started testing the Aquaforest Reef Salt mix this past weekend because it mixes a lot cleaner than the HW (customers don't like their tanks to be cloudy for a few hours after I leave), and it's suppose to have the levels that I'm aiming for. I have high hopes for this mix after looking over the batch ranges, and I'll report back on my findings for you guys after a few months of use. -Jeremy
  10. I definitely agree with you on scrapping the rock Ken. I had suggested replacing the rock as soon as I ruled out the other possible causes of tank issues, but the customer wasn't ready for a tank overhaul that involved. The tank is a 180g, so it's going to be a bit costly to reset the tank with all new rock, labor costs, probably new sand, etc.. so I told the customer I would ask around first to make him feel a little more comfortable about pulling the trigger on a full tank reset.
  11. Mike, you can start cycling the tank now with dry rock and sand if you would like. You can put a small piece of live rock in the tank to have a starter culture of bacteria, then feed that bacteria with an an ammonia source (I like to use Dr. Tim's ammonium chloride drops for cycling dry rock). Normally your fish produce the ammonia that feed the bacteria, but you can substitute the fish for ammonium chloride to keep your bacteria populations healthy while you finish getting the tank setup.
  12. I spoke with the customer, and he said the rock was definitely purchased before Mark sold the store. I'm guessing since no one remembers Mark making his own rock, the artificial stuff I'm dealing with now came from a customer who may have traded it in when breaking down a tank or something.
  13. @Bob Loblaw That seems to be the pattern from people who talk about the company, I'll probably just recommend replacing it. Obviously, restarting the tank and replacing all the rock is expensive, so I told the customer I would do some research on that rock before making a judgement call on a product I'm not familiar with. @Checkitout This customer estimates he bought it 3 to 4 years ago from Mark's. @mknightryder It definitely isn't George's rock style.. It's almost "bouldery" looking, with very few pores. If Mark didn't make artificial rock at his store, I wonder if someone brought in or traded some home-made rock to Mark for store credit or something. This customer knows all of the LFS's well and used to live in Baton Rouge before moving to Lakeview, so I'm pretty positive he wouldn't mistake one store for another.
  14. Good evening fellow reefers! I'm trying to find out if any of the long time reefers here have any information or experience on/with the artificial rock produced at Mark's Marine that is now closed. I have a customer that has about 80% of the artificial rock from Mark's Marine in their tank, and I believe the rock may be leaching a chemical(s) that are causing issues in that tank. Since Ive never dealt with Mark's Marine, I told the customer I would ask some of the long-time reefers in the hobby (you guys) if y'all had some info that may be useful before I pull the rock out and replace it with real rock. @Bob Loblaw@Checkitout IIRC, I think you guys have some experience there?
  15. Is it too late in the building process to change the layout of your new home?