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  1. Getting out of the hobby. Life demands are too great at the moment, and I am not able to keep up with maintenance on the tank to give it justice. Will not part out equipment at this time, Buyer takes all. Asking $2500 OBO. Planet Aquariums 180 gallon 6x2x2 with a center overflow. Dual drain and dual returns from the overflow. The tank sits on a 2" x 1/4"thick stainless steel square tubing with a 1/4 stainless plate across the top.The skin stand and canopy sits at 8' long and 92" tall. The stand has a built in fan to the left side and the canopy has smaller fans as well.Trigger systems tideline 48 sump.Bubble Magus curve 7 internal skimmer.Kessil Refugium lightTrigger emerald 10g ato reservoirtunze osmolator atoJebao 4 channel dosing pump.BRS dual carbon / gfo reactor2 - 1 gallon acrylic dosing containers2 vortex mp40 quiet drive pumpsjebao dc12000 3 - AI Hydra 26hdsHave a ton of extras that I will be throwing in. 3 brute trash cans, extra jebao 8000 return pump, additional powerheads, heaters, some testing equipment, 5 gal bucket of carbon, big bucket of gfo, random chemicals and additives, I've got a lot or stuff accumulated, as you all can imagine.
  2. Roid Reefs

    Free birdsnest

    I'd take some. May not be able to make trip to slidell but could meet in New orleans/ Metairie area
  3. Shouldn't have an issue with the coral beauty and jumping. Not a common jumper. I had one in an uncovered tanks for a while. Lost firefish and gobies.
  4. How fine do you chop the food up?
  5. Doing some research, it looks like a few people just use a medley of fresh seafood, (shrimp, octopus, squid, and saltwater fish) just chop it up and add some nori in it as well. Some say to add selcon, where as others say it will just blow away once it’s put in the tank. I’m going to keep looking and doing research and will probably start in the next couple weeks making my own.
  6. Searched frozen foods here on the site. Did not see a thread for it. Sooo. Let’s start one! Anyone here making their own frozen blend to feed? What’s in it? How long have you been using it?
  7. Two lights would give you more par than the 1 I am running.
  8. There have been studies done on it. Remember seeing it when I was doing my research. They have a chart on their website that is accurate according to some reefers readings on them.
  9. Also, what is the 84 on top of the tank, temperature?
  10. Correct me if I’m wrong, the current pro isn’t just two of the light bars, correct? It still comes with the 1/2w leds, which is the same as a regular current orbit. I am running a 48” current ic led, and one 24” orbit led older model. Not sure how much older, but the 24” that is not loop compatible has much brighter leds than the ic. I’d say you need a little more to run high demand lps, sps, and clams. Even the pro model does not put out much light. But it is great for a softie tank, and the weather patterns are awesome. What size is your tank?
  11. Lol I’m going get another 40b tomorrow, should have never gotten rid of it ? but I’m glad you got to upgrade. I wasn’t using it at the time. Like I said, it looks good.
  12. The photos are above. I originally only had a 24" Current orbit on it to give it some light. needed a little bit more to fully cover the tank. Still working on more upgrades though, going to add them as they come.
  13. got some updated pictures of the tank. upgraded the lights, added a 48" current loop led, got the mounting arms and put that and the 24" current orbit to it as well. From everything Ive read this will give me enough for the desired softie tank with some easy lps. Got some zoas in there, a toadstool, hammer, Duncan, and Kenya tree. Also scored a geometric pygmy hawkfish from the lfs, and man is that little guy cool. didn't see him the first few days, now he is always sitting right in the front of the cave on the right side of the tank, and comes out and perches all over the front when the moonlights come on. Tank is running great, and I'm loving this hobby. Saving up the rest of my money for more coral until Fragniappe!!