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  1. Ditto on What Rdsrocket said...!!! VERY pleased with purchases with several freebies to boot...?? Act now before he shuts the SALE down...
  2. Awesome...!! My Girlfriend is the Librarian at W.S. Lafargue Elementary (2-3) in Thibodaux... She has her own mixed reef at home along with the several tanks we share (both reefs & fresh water planted) She wants to redecorate the library over the summer with an "under the sea" theme... We will be setting up a Oceanic 14 gallon biocube, we want to retrofit the stock hood with SB reef lights nano sprite (if anyone has one they are not using I would like to purchase), tank will also have an diy ATO system... We will start its own thread soon... Kids are soooo amazed by underwater life, I hope her students will be as amazed & enthused as the kids in Madisonville...
  3. My Girlfriends 6 gallon JBJ cube (mixed reef)... My first tank back from a 25 year break...
  4. Patncori

    Corals for sale.

    Sorry I misunderstood
  5. Nothing in particular, just trying to build a nice colony in my nano...looking for some different colors (have plenty greens & Browns)... thanks
  6. Patncori

    Corals for sale.

    What type zoas & prices please...
  7. Still got some Zenia...?? Any zoas...?? thanks
  8. Patncori

    Corals for sale.

    Still got some zoas...?? thanks