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  1. Just be ready to do a series of good cleanings and water changes a few days apart once its gone. Ive used reef flux to battle algae in my 13.5 and it worked, but all that dying algae will spike nutrients. once u scrub that stuff from the water with carbon etc, it will come back with a vengeance without the nutrient issue under control.
  2. Was a little late to the show but picked up some nice pieces from Glow Pop. Got a starburst monti, CB Bling bling, and JF deep space psammocora & yellow eye psammocora and a few colorful zoas. Also won a light in the raffle. Had a blast and met some good people. Didnt prepare the wallet this year, but next year I should be stocking my 120 and thats where its gonna happen.
  3. This was a few months ago. Things have changed a bit, like i rearranged some things and took out some of the skeletons I had in there to see if they were going to come back, just cleaned it up a bit.
  4. I also have the same tank. I built my scape like a large arch. 2 rock islands bridged by an arched piece of rock. Now that it is really covered in coral and coraline it looks really nice.