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  1. Is this still available? I’ve been wanting to pick up a tank for a project at the house.
  2. Reef Jeeves

    Free birdsnest

    I would be interested in a piece.
  3. I make my own for my predators and they love it. Same formula can be applied for smaller fish. It’s easy. 1 pound of shrimp 1 pint of oysters 1 fish fillet (I used black drum) 1 tbsp garlic guard/garlic extract/ etc 1 tsp selcon cut it, chop it, mash it, or purée to desired size/consistency then mix up you can also add clams, scallops, etc or substitute for oysters Add finely chopped or ground nori for a mixed food blend i bought a couple of ice cube trays from the dollar store. Figure out how much you need by feeding the prepared mixture (a teaspoon, a tablespoon, 2 tablespoons, etc) then spoon the amount into each of the little cube spots in the trays. Top with rodi water and freeze. When they are frozen you can place them in a ziploc or in a Tupperware to prevent your freezer smelling like a fish market
  4. That’s my dilemma. I’m in between running the Kessil or AI Prime with a small wavemaker or just running the current USA lights and wavemaker with loop controller
  5. It will be softies and lps. I may add a few easy sps way down the road like monti cap
  6. So i will be starting a 24 gallon jbj nanocube soon for my corals and a few small fish. my main tank will end up as a fowlr with a few predators for now. I picked the tank up for $50 without the hood. so i need some input/opinions. I will be running a magdrive 900 on the return. I will most likely add a protein skimmer down the road. what i need from y'all is as follows: 1) what should i run in each chamber? i was thinking filter floss in chamber 1 with a sponge on top unless there is a filter sock that could clip in. chamber 2 with marine pure spheres. and chemipure elite in chamber 3 with the pump and heater. 2)lighting and wavemaker- i was originally thinking a kessil a 80 tuna blue with a japao pp4, but now i am thinking about the loop system with 1 18" light and 1 660gph wavemaker.
  7. Good to know, that may be why I can’t get my mag levels to drop
  8. I know I’m probably one of the newest reefers on this thread but I have tried coral pro and fritz so far. I love the fritz. Very consistent numbers. Getting about mid 9s on dkh when it is mixed. Mixes clear very quickly. I know I have talked to the owner at Aqua Hut in prairieville about this, they are getting the same numbers I am and they are getting it consistently too. Fritz is what they are using, and they carry it in boxes and bags at a good price. (Not trying to promoter anything, just sharing info). So I would give my newbie 1/2 a vote to the fritz salt
  9. Hey all. I just got everything stabilized equipment wise for my 75 gallon mixed reef tank. It has been running stable for a few months but I had to transfer everything over to a temp tank and reseal it. my current stock list is: oscellaris clown bangai cardinal pinkbar goby cleaner shrimp cuc (snails hermits and a sea hare) my proposed additions: 3x blue/green chromis two spot Bristletooth tang flame dwarf angel any input or suggestions for these and any other ideas. I’ve thought about adding a mandarin down the road but I may put him in my refugium if I get one. A wrasse? More clowns? I’m open to suggestions, so please help me brainstorm.
  10. It’s a 75 gallon tank with a roughly 25 gallon sump
  11. I finally have my first reef running like I want. I’m considering this the official start because I had to take everything out and reseal the tank. While I had it out in the garage I decided to leave the sand out and black out the back and part of each side to match the overflow weir. I got the tank second hand already running and the water parameters were in bad shape. I now have the parameters in check but have to get hair algae under control. I am running a 6 bulb t5 fixture. May current stock in the tank is as follows: fish/inverts -ocellaris clown -Bangai cardinal -pinkbar goby -arc eye hawkfish -skunk cleaner shrimp corals -Indo blue disco mushroom -neon green rhodactis mushroom -sunny d zoas -arctic ice zoas -candy cane coral -pulsing Xenia - green star polyp I’ve been thinking about a tuxedo urchin and some more hermits for additional cuc. I’m open to suggestions and recommendations for my next additions for fish and corals