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  1. ^mother before cut. ^baby available. Picture is when it was cut jan 5. Can get a current healed picture this afternoon
  2. ISO Skittles Bomb Cyphastrea
  3. Anybody interested in a Bashsea Smart Series sump? 30”x18”x16”. In great condition. Red baffles. Just over 1 year old. $300 OBO. can send pictures upon request.
  4. It definitely does, but it’s reignited my interest inthe tank. Yeah the fish eye effect is the one thing I don’t care for with the TruVu lens. Here’s a couple pictures without.
  5. Had to restart the tank after some nuissance algae took over. Did a 3 week blackout along with dosing 100ml/day of peroxide. Here’s pictures 2 weeks since restarting the tank.