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  1. It's still for sale, yeah, but I'm in Slidell and it looks like you're over in Lafayette. I could try and arrange shipping to over there if you're still interested, but I don't have time in the next few weeks to drive much further than Hammond, sorry!
  2. Hey guys, hoping these are good price points for used gear. Kessil A80: $90 2 years old, still in good condition as far as i can tell. Reefkeeper Lite: $80 Also 2 years old, comes with: Head Unit 1 Power Controller 4 bar 1 Power Bar 4 (Can't remember if it's the PC4 or PB4, but one of them has issues turning off, and can stick on until you unplug from the socket and plug back in) Temperature Probe (I'll clean it up before giving it to anyone don't worry) Light Controller Unit Cord to ramp up and down the Kessil A80 from Reefkeeper settings Or you can take both for $150. Message me if there's any interest!