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    Just found out we ate moving. Job transfer.... Moving.... I really don't want to let my babies go but not sure about moving them across states. Adult coloration 6" Chevron tang, 200 6" Naso tang, 100 4" blonde Naso tang 80 6" foxface LO 80 5" yellow tang 80 5" chocolate tang transitioning. 80 4" yellow eyed kole tang 60 5"sailfin tang, 80 5 " blue hippo tang 60 Orange back fairy wrasse 60 Yellow and purple wrasse, halichoeres leucoxanthus, 40 Yellow wrasse, halichoeres chrysalis 40 Macropharyngodon bipartitus, blue star leopard wrasse, female, 80 Melanarus wrasse, 60 Velvet damsel, 20 Sapphire damsel, 10 3 Clarkii clownfish, 30 Large 20 lb 18" rock with gsp, pink cabbage leather coral, palythoas and purple and green maxi min carpet anemone, 150 Football size rock covered with gsp and palythoas. 80 Another football size rock with gsp, 80 Rock with 3 ultra rock flower nems, 150 Rock with single ultra rock flower anemone, 50 Rock with green hairy mushrooms, 100 Rock with single green hairy mushroom, 40 Rock flower nem on rock, 50 Rock with rock flower nem and Kenyan tree coral, 60 Large Kenyan tree coral, 50 Medium sized Kenyan tree coral, 40 Small toadstool mushroom, 30 Large toadstool leather, tan with green polyps, 2 softballs approximately when open, 100 Small toadstool leather, rare color, green with light green polyps, 80 Palythoa grandis, aprox 20 polyps, 70 Tank, stand, canopy, sump, protein skimmer, reactor, gyres, wave maker x 2, heater, controller, return pump, ato, tons of other supplies. Testing. Hanna's, mixing supplies , brutes, etc. $3000