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  1. I don’t have Facebook when and what time is this meetup
  2. 20 a head for Duncan. And hammer is just one head waiting for it to split
  3. I would wait a lil while before getting any pricey coral that early What lights you have
  4. Pitts337


    You can have it I found one at a lfs
  5. Pitts337


    Would u be a available tom
  6. Pitts337


    Scopus and twirlers still available?
  7. It’s growing everywhere and I’m cutting a lot out of anyone is interested $20 very big pieces
  8. I’m very interested what’s price per head
  9. Know what day you’ll be coming this way with the rfa’s??
  10. I definitely like a frag when u come this way again
  11. I have plenty of gsp and Xenia but I’m in Opelousas if you wanna travel this way I’ll hook up with great prices I’m about to swap over tanks and needa cut a lot out