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  1. Deonfish

    Need gone

    This sell will be final I’m selling a 120g tank, stand, sump, and protein skimmer. I’m including a return pump. I’ll allow you to inspect everything before you take it. This tank doesn’t have any plumbing in it. It’s a year old askin for $1,200 I need it gone as soon as possible you’ll have to load it up yourself again this sell will be FINAL serious inquiries only plz and thank you..located in Gonzales, LA
  2. It’s negotiable I’m located in Gonzales
  3. Selling my IMG_3523.MOV IMG_2922.MOV male Hawaiian Flame Wrasse $300
  4. Deonfish

    Selling Tangs

    I’m selling yellow tang $70 yellow kole eye $75 naso tang $80 all together $200
  5. I’m being patient this is just my first wrasse. I have a flame wrasse I don’t know if it’s transitioning can anyone help me determine if she’s changing. This is my only wrasse I have so far. I just want to know if anyone has any experience with flame wrasse and can give me tips or tricks about them thanks in advance for your time and knowledge.
  6. What the deal with the ultra discosima and teal??