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  1. @Kelsi Guidry you have any left?
  2. Coastie Reefer

    T5 lights

    What size and how many bulbs?
  3. There's been a ton of changes over the past few months.... here's an updated FTS so to speak.
  4. My current camera can't do that, as I believe it is app dependent. Besides, if I did that everyone would see just how bad I am at keeping up on maintenance. ?
  5. You tank is nearly as big as my shack! LOL
  6. Quick video of the frag tank... I got work to do...
  7. Tank is amazing! Thanks again for letting me check it out.
  8. T minus 3 weeks. Looking forward to the meet this coming weekend. It might be the last time I get away for a while!!!
  9. So I think that gets up completely up to date on the state of the shack... Here's a current FTS: And an outside before and after
  10. There's been several changes and fish additions, but not so much coral. System is just starting to get over the shock of moving to it's new home (only took 6 months!!!). Had issues with 0 nutrients and sps fading and dying. I think it's getting to a point where I'm going to start adding more corals if I can get my hands on them... hard to find good SPS without having to drive a couple hours. Here's a little update till I can post more. We just went on vacation a couple weeks ago so I added a couple wifi cameras to keep an eye on things while I was away. Just screenshot these off my phone not long ago.
  11. I wish I had more to update, but not a lot has been going on, at least not the kind of stuff you want to share lol. It’s been one battle after another it seems. Had a nasty bout of dinos that put a hurting on a lot of my sps. Did a 4 day complete blackout and dosed nitrates up from 0 to 10 and it seemed to completely disappear. Currently I’m dealing with a decent bubble algae outbreak, so I got a small army of emeralds and a one spot foxface to try and battle it naturally before I move on to something like vibrant. The 20 long is currently being used as a holding tank for a buddy that’s moving back down to south Louisiana. It’ll be another month or so before it’s vacant, but the rock I got for it has been cooking in a brute storage container and has completed its initial cycle. Considering I’m wanting to do 100% sps in the 20l I’m not adding s single frag till the new rock is decently covered in coralline. I seeded it with coralline from my buddy’s tank, probably a good heaping tablespoon full shavings. That said, the shack itself did get an upgrade this past weekend. Built a 4x12 deck in the 92 degree Louisiana heat!!!
  12. Traded a frag of Jack O Lantern for an old 4 bulb T5. It needed some TLC but it turned on and the control panel/timer worked perfectly. I wish I had a better before pick, but this thing was full of old salt creep. Like 1/4" square crystals... imagine straight up rock salt. Anyway, disassembled the light as much as I could, completely gutted it to be honest. Cleaned out all the salt, wiped down and "buffed" the reflectors, wire brushed the corroded aluminum, sanded the rusted parts, spray painted with a flat enamel, then put it back together. Honestly turned out pretty decent considering I did it in a single Saturday afternoon... It is missing a leg, but a coral frenzy jar is the perfect height LOL... I'm looking for a hanging kit so it shouldn't matter anyway. EDIT: Open to 4 bulb combo suggestions. Leaning towards 3 B+ and 1 Coral +, or maybe 2 B+, 1 Super Actinic, and 1 Coral +