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  1. For a tank that small, I'd highly consider DIY. If you've got the tools you can make acrylic work very easy.
  2. Me, Bobby, and Greg together? Oh Lord... Y'all come on out to Donaldsonville and we can chat.
  3. I'd come hang out for lunch but I work in Donaldsonville!
  4. Thanks for posting the pics so quickly. We had a great time!
  5. I'll be there with my wife and two boys. Looking forward to seeing everyone again!
  6. Couldn't have made a better choice for director! Jeff will be fantastic in the role. Greg and Mike, thank you for the kind words. It truly is a passion of mine to see this club grow and succeed. I did all I could to get it to where I did and I am glad to see other stepping up to take it to the next level. It was not an easy decision to step down but this place is still in very good and capable hands.
  7. I'll be there!!! What's the general food theme? Outdoor cook out?
  8. Stoked! I'll be there, likely with my 3 year old in tow. Prolly won't eat any crawfish tho.
  9. That's solid. Fragniappe Frag Swap and Culinary Festival!
  10. Tunze is an AWESOME get! Fragniappe just keeps getting bigger and better every year!
  11. Has it really been 5 years already?! Damn!
  12. Holy cow, that was fun! The vendors had an awesome time, the attendees were apparently all ballers, and we had a great time. I want to personally offer a HUGE thank you to all of the folks who came out today. It was a great show of support for our very own Scott. I am also incredibly grateful for all of our awesome staff members (current and former). None of us make a penny from this effort yet you all give so selflessly of your time and talents. We could not do it without all of you!