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  1. 120 gallon Planet Aquarium, rimless. Tank and all equipment bought new. Tank was set us for a year. We renovated our home having to tear it down, deciding not to set it back up. Asking $3,000.00 for all. The following is included: - Bubble Magus media reactor w/ WP1000 pump - Bubble Magus Elite 7 protein skimmer - Bulk Reef Supply RO system (whole system with extra parts) - Bubble Magus dosing system - EcoTech Marine Vectra M1 pump - Tunze 3155 Osmolator - Reeflink - (1) XR30 pro - (2) XR15 pro - (3) light mounts ( 1 for XR 30 and 2 for XR15) - Trigger Ruby 36 sump - APEX classic system w/ PH and temperature probe - (2) magnetic frack racks (small and large) - (2) heaters - Refractometer - Lab grade thermometer - Various test kits - (2) older MP40s - Live rock Photos can be seen here: https://www.amazon.com/photos/album/_UVFe5cbSv6JHyavoT0WYQ Text for any questions or pictures @ 225-747-5033
  2. Ayo

    Montis for sale

    All of the frags that I got from you are doing perfectly. Thanks so much Jerry!!!
  3. John...ill take a head. Text me 225 747 5033 Bryan Ayo
  4. Ayo

    Montis for sale

    Ill take one of each. please text me with info. 225 747 5033 Bryan Ayo
  5. I was getting very little Cheato growth with my old light.. After adding the UFO the macro blew up!!
  6. I was getting very little Cheato growth with my old light.. After adding the UFO the macro blew up!!
  7. This tank make me want to start over☹️ The tank looks like my Planet...They are very nice tanks but the overflows are way to big, I just didn't have enough guts to tanke mime out. Alos GREAT job on the scaping and stand!! The tank looks amazing!!!
  8. Added the first corals yesterday and they made it through the night:))
  9. Qt tank with out newest family member;))
  10. So ive been chugging along with this build, Added a g4xr30, Tunze ATO...and a classic Apex. The tank is about 8 weeks old at this point and has finished cycling. I have added Trochus snails an Emerald crab and a hand full of hermits. Also got some Chaeto and tigger pods to the sump.