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  1. How many fish would be a good number to fully stick a 90 gallon reef tank 48x18x24 I currently have 3 talbots damsels a china wrasse a mustard tang 2 pajama cardinals and a male lamark angel both the tang and angel are 3 to 3 1/2 inches I wanna add a goby and a few blennies and maybe another dwarf angel and a few more wrasse all my equipment including the sump are over rated for this tank my sump is for a 200 gallon and my skimmer is rated for a 400 gallon I'm also running brightwell zeolite in a reactor and I'm doing their neo zeo method also.
  2. Lol I just noticed that I had to update it and now it's working find Haven't done any updates in a while but here is why and this is what I did to bounce back from it I discovered a crack in the tank from the return bulk head to the front glass I guess I tighten down to hard on the bulb head I didn't notice the crack until I had the tank half way full of water smh now what to do. After doing so searching and thinking I wanted to go with a large shallow tank but did I really wanna do a whole complete build or just get the tank fixed and low and behold I called ron at reef coral and he had a brand new 90 gallon Now it was time to get the ball back rolling again. Time to aquascape and get water and sand it this bad boy and cycle it with right now they say it cycles within 24 hrs but we will see After waiting a few days it was time to see how true is it to be able to cycle the tank using right now bacteria Ron told me he uses it on all his customers tanks so let's give it a try So I added 3 talbots damsels and 2 pajama cardinals to start with Then my addition kicked in so I acquired 2 fish I always wanted a mustard tang and china wrasse I couldn't get a good picture of the wrasse but I will try to get one later on.
  3. I'm having a bit of a battle with myself trying to decide on what direction to go as for my tank my current tank is 90 gallon but during the setup of it I ended up cracking the bottom glass and now I'm looking for a new tank. I have found another 90 gallon to replace my current one but I'm also into the shallow reef tanks and after talking to advance acrylics today I could get my hands on a 48x24x10 or 48x30x10 and do a shallow mangrove lagoon yes I know I would be limited as far the height of the tank and I will be loosing about 30 to 28 gallons of water volume depending on which lagoon style tank I go with but hey I also see and opportunity to do something different so please guys give me your thoughts on this
  4. Looking for a replacement tank for my 90 gallon it has a crack across the bottom and started leaking as I was filling it with ro water so I'm looking for another 90 gallon a 100 gallon or a 150
  5. How much for the 90 gallon I just discovered mines is cracked across the bottom and I need another tank
  6. More to come shortly a lil apex setting up the install is on the way
  7. After a pump failure I decide to go all out and make this build bigger and better so I up graded my ro unit from a 4 stage to a 6 stage Then it was time to do some equipment over hauling So I brought a ecotech radion bar and slider kit along with a vectra s1 as my ne return pump. Then it was time to overhaul my plumbing the tight way and and in some much need features Once that was done it was time to go to work on the top portion of the tank and this first decision I had to make was that it was time for the canopy to go I wasn't blessed with the most height in the world so removing the canopy will make life move easier for me kmsl So I hung the radions fron the ceiling Then I made a custom hanging bracket for my t5's and came up with a custom led and t5 hybrid fixture Hold on but there's more. After looking at my aquascape and being totally honest with myself I felt that I could do more and take this build over the top so I started to do some research and noticed I loved the look of shelf rock scapes and I really loved this particular design in this reef tank So I decide to look around for what I really need to accomplish this work of reading art. So I brought 20 lbs of teo little fishies staxx rock from marine depot but once it came in i noticed the i need more of this sock and some form of foundation rock so i headed off to one of our local lfs and brought almost all the shelf rock ron at reef coral had that day. But me being me that still wasn't enough so I went back yesterday and brought what he had left and some base rock. Lol but I still wanted more so we talked for awhile ron and I and come to find out the rock I brought was the same staxx rock I already had so my hungry for this rock increased and he offered to sale me some of what he had in his sea horse slash sea fan display tank. Boy my excitement went through the roof and I knew then it was time to get this thing rolling I got home and went straight to work I tried gluing some small structures together with coral glue and I also tried using cement but decided to scratch that and just free hand it and boy you guys won't believe what it came up with but here is my master piece but I most say this is the first time out of over 5 plus years of being in this hobby this has ever happened to me I'm truly thankful to ron and reef coral for it 20200516_001859.mp4
  8. Looking for some vortec pumps to but on the 90 gallon they can be mp10 20's or 50's if anyone have some for sale locally
  9. Looking for a ecotech vectra return pump if anybody has one for sale
  10. Looking for a calcium reactor for my 90 gallon
  11. I want the whole system if it's still available
  12. Looking for a uv sterilizer for my 90 gallon anybody has one for sale in the area