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  1. did you end up ordering from oceanpods? I am thinking of getting some from her. Nice lady. 4 bottles for $100 and $16 overnight shipping
  2. chemi-clean = no cyano just follow the directions, very easy
  3. -Panty hoses over the pvc pipes from tank-catches larger particles and extra food, rinse every 2 days -water then goes through blue/white filter pad catches finer particles and reduces splashing -left section could be live rock, refugium mud, Matrix, or others; possible lighted to grow macroalgae -next narrow section could use a sponge blue-type filter -activated carbon in panty hose and other chemical media bags throughout that area -middle large section could maybe house the skimmer and heater You just need to figure out if you want a basic sump or a refugium. You could even decide to go to a refugium later on. Just make well thought-out decisions in this area because it is so important to have a sump that is easy to access, laid out well, and easy to maintain. Some people have anything you can imagine down there, and some have very little equipment. Steer clear of using lots of bio-balls, as they can cause some issue of build up. just quick thoughts, good luck