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  1. As title states. Gen3 XR30 non-pro $275 X2 - RMS XR30 mount $50 each I have all hardware and boxes
  2. It's getting closer, i'm pumped! Anyone planning some trades?
  3. Any idea on ID and how to treat? TIA
  4. It sucks starting over. She's looking great now! Do you have a front tank shot without a fish eye lens. I need some inspiration on rock work.
  5. Bout time you posted some pictures on here! It getting closer! Looking good
  6. I can paint the back glass if the buyer preferred.
  7. Tank was freshly resealed last week. Solid red oak stand. I ran this tank for 3 years, it needs a good home?. Asking $350, I'm located in Shreveport.
  8. I have a very large Duncan I can cut up depending on how many heads your wanting.