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  1. CodyF.

    Tanks for sale

    Almost everything is sold. Price drop. tank with sump & skimmer $800 zoas in frag tank $150 for all. pair of Wyoming White clowns $60 for the pair. 7 headed lobo-$70 yellow scroll coral-$50 big toadstool-$60 acan colony-$40 chalices- $20 each if interested text 337-522-0517
  2. CodyF.

    Tanks for sale

    Replied, my friend.
  3. CodyF.

    Tanks for sale

    I’d like to sell it all together.
  4. CodyF.

    Tanks for sale

    Lafayette pickup only.
  5. CodyF.

    Tanks for sale

    Selling two tanks. I have a 85gallon Planet Aquarium. Asking $2500, will come with 40 gallon trigger sump, white stand, fish, bio reactor, UV sterilizer, DC pump & corals . It has 3 hydra 26HD’s and 2 Nero 5’s. It’s a mixed reef. Most sps colonies are young but starting to encrust. fish- 1 purple tang,1 sail fun tang, 1 powdered brown tang, 1 Ruby red wrasse, 1 melanarus wrasse, 1 Fox face, paired onyx Picasso clowns and a yellow watchman goby. Also selling a 40b frag system with zoas. Looking to get $400 for everything. Comes with skimmer, black box, UV sterilizer, powerhead. fish- 1 copper band (eats frozen), paired Wyoming white clowns and 1 six line wrasse.