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  1. I have a pulsing Xenia with about 3-4 stems/branches and I don’t want it in my new tank I am starting up because of growth reasons. I am really wanting some flowerpot corals or zoas but will consider really anything besides GSP Xenia’s and cloves.
  2. Got a 65 coming up for sale if u instrested
  3. Ok just let me know if ur interested in the 65
  4. If u want something bigger I have a 65 gallon with a stand and canister filter that I’m willing to do like $100 on
  5. Never used it. I’m pretty sure it works I just don’t have the charger for it. I have just the battery and the cable to connect a device to the battery. $100 OBO or trade for nano ATO or coral. Text me 225-363-7336. Located in prairieville
  6. Your best bet is to get the IM 25 lagoon. It on sale on their website.
  7. I am selling my tunze ato. Works fine and is clean. Never ran in salt water. I would take $75 OBO or TRADE for a nano ATO. 225-363-7336
  8. What all do you have left. Message me with prices 225-363-7336
  9. What all still left. Text me prices and what available. 2253637336
  10. I know u want bigger but I am going to sell my 65 gallon with a stand and canister filter if your interested