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  1. I've never paid more than $25 anywhere I shop...
  2. I got my two from aquatic sealife..maybe check with them if John at AH doesn't have any
  3. have you checked out the ones at Coral Connection ?
  4. I'm looking pretty specific to that style..I'm almost looking at the Fluval 32, just because of its footprint..65, I'm sure would be too tall
  5. I'm running a fluval 13.5 now and the footprint isn't as big of a difference as I was hoping..
  6. Prefer something in the 25 range, willing to pay a little for it located in Hammond, working in Gonzales so location isn't too important
  7. Aquahut had several last week
  8. jwatson

    please close

    @reefdave is this stil available ?
  9. jwatson

    please close

    Is this the one Nancy was selling ?
  10. it was on LARC..when I went to get the post, it was sold last night.
  11. I'm pretty sure there is a guy in Gonzales with a full setup at 275