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  1. 29 gallon all in one tank stand light skimmer some other extra blubs$150 Shreveport Louisiana
  2. T5 yes hybrid no and 48 inch yes
  3. I got a 200 gallon today
  4. I have lots of equipment Shreveport Louisiana 727-479-7962 First-come-first-serve
  5. Chrismartin

    Free birdsnest

    Any one passing near Shreveport bring me a piece lol
  6. So thoose who don't follow me on FB here is the progress of my 8ft 280 gallon display with a 125 gallon sump. some pics my not be in order lol Did nothing on paper design all in my head.
  7. Name your dream coral or fish you want Or something your looking for
  8. Looking to get a shipment of coral Who would you recommend? So far everything west of Shreveport sucks and lie to you
  9. Decided to paint on some dead Coral Laying around. Adding it to the dead coral wall