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  1. Have a 32 gallon bio cube in great shape! comes with the stock pump. in-tank filtration system. perfect spot for a lil refugium u can have sand, rocks, and water if you would like. $275
  2. Reef Octo classic 100 HOB filter $100 worked amazing on my 75 gallon Fluval sea 48-60” light less than 6 months old. Grew all my softies very good. $150 current loop light 48-60” also in good shape $125
  3. WesleJ225

    Angels SOLD

    Take any less😍😍
  4. Not desperate for a new tank but want to see what’s out there! If u got something let me know!
  5. WesleJ225


    Looking for a pair of clowns if anyone is trying to rehome some! Girlfriends starting up a tank
  6. Looking for some zoas, GSP, mushrooms, Duncan’s, etc. Baton Rouge area
  7. WesleJ225


    If u have any bubble tip in Baton Rouge area and want to part ways with PLEASE MESSAGE ME!
  8. WesleJ225


    Anybody with coral near Baton Rouge? gorgonian kenya trees anything seahorses enjoy hammers zoas xenia