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  1. love the k7s....awesome growth...super easy to set up....would recommend to anyone looking for a great led
  2. wont have price list on fish until close to I can catch them
  3. bring some more money you'll see something else you want for sure
  4. green torch is sold ....striped cc is 20 bucks
  5. acans purple/red purple gold rim rainbow red purple yellow blue blue red red pinstripe mother acros tricolor red tip with green green unknown PC rainbow blueberry tort highlighter slimer swap monster unknown candy canes green blue purple purple stripe red sentosa orange encrusted red lobo green goni large neon green road stool small toad duncan purple green green torch purple with green ...3 avail 2 head short tentacle blue and pink green ...available purple stylo dragon soul favia jf anti venom favia jf harvest jf bling bling jf jack o lantern pink teal octospawn burning banana blue frogskin hairy mushrooms small calm big tip elegance hammer orange mint toxic purple ......text for photos 9857740069 or ck the first post....thanks
  6. 2800$...take all the livestock 300 for both nero 5...only a few mths old
  7. complete reef tank for sale....75 gallon offset overflow...sump...2 nero 5 pumps...2 k7 pro 11 led...2 t5 retro bulbs...stand canopy bubble Magnus skimmer..2 heaters...all livestock is for sale. will sale compete or part....text for price...will be posting a list of all coral tomorrow text me at 9857740069....will part off or sell all together....come get what you what