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  1. Mikehag

    Looking for BTA.

    I have rbta for sale. I live right by aquatic sealife. $25-$40 depending on size. Text me 5047233235
  2. Mikehag


    Let me know if you're ever near aquatic sealife. I live close to there and have a good bit of zoas
  3. I have zoas. I live near aquatic sealife. If yiur willing to drive there, PM me and I can send you pics
  4. Mikehag

    ISO Fish & Coral

    Got some palys, gsp, blue cap monti for cheap
  5. 30 gallon acryllic ATO Container. 28"x18"x14" 1/2" acryllic. $225 willing to trade for white hydra 26 or 52. Also possibly willing to trade for torch or high end acros/Milliporas, but more interested in cash or light
  6. What type of tonga torch? Gota picture? I have zoas to trade.
  7. Mikehag

    Acan - sold

    3 heads. Located near aquatic sealife. Can meet in mandeville as well. $15
  8. I dont see any pics. Can you add them?
  9. Mikehag


    Please close thread
  10. Bump. Blasto, purple monster sold. 6 GSP still available
  11. GSP on 2x2 squares - $10 each or 2 for $15. 8 frags available - 2 Sold, 6 available Blasto $120 has over 65 heads - SOLD Purple monster frag with 7 heads (3 large heads) $50 - Sold Acan with about 20 heads - $90 - no longer FS Open to offers on price. Also willing to trade for hammers or torches. I have an mp10qd available as well Live by aquatic sealife. Also in mandeville weekly
  12. Mikehag


    Mp10QD Wireless capable. Includes nem guard. $190. Located near metairie/kenner. Also in mandeville weekly. Will ship if buyer pays shipping
  13. Just pissed it off to get a better head count and it actually has 65+ heads
  14. blasto with 65+ heads. Asking $130 Located near aquatic sealife. In total, its about the size of a small fist. Open to trades for torches/hammers
  15. Can you send me a pic if the purple torch white tips and the green hammer?
  16. Mikehag

    ISO Chaeto

    Not quite large enough man sorry. 2 weeks and it'll be big
  17. Mikehag

    ISO Chaeto

    Mine will be grown enough to share in a couple if weeks. I am in metairie/kenner area
  18. Mikehag

    zoa frags

    Only 1, 3 head frag still available
  19. Mikehag

    zoa frags

    2 head frag sold. 3 head frags still available
  20. Mikehag

    zoa frags

    2 & 3 head purple monster frags. One of the 3 head frags already has a 4th head growing!$25 and $35 OBOMetairie/kenner/mandeville
  21. Mikehag

    Frags for sale

    Looks awesome, wish you were closer to new orleans!