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  1. Bump. Blasto, purple monster sold. 6 GSP still available
  2. GSP on 2x2 squares - $10 each or 2 for $15. 8 frags available - 2 Sold, 6 available Blasto $120 has over 65 heads - SOLD Purple monster frag with 7 heads (3 large heads) $50 - Sold Acan with about 20 heads - $90 - no longer FS Open to offers on price. Also willing to trade for hammers or torches. I have an mp10qd available as well Live by aquatic sealife. Also in mandeville weekly
  3. Mikehag


    Mp10QD Wireless capable. Includes nem guard. $190. Located near metairie/kenner. Also in mandeville weekly. Will ship if buyer pays shipping
  4. Just pissed it off to get a better head count and it actually has 65+ heads
  5. blasto with 65+ heads. Asking $130 Located near aquatic sealife. In total, its about the size of a small fist. Open to trades for torches/hammers
  6. Can you send me a pic if the purple torch white tips and the green hammer?
  7. Mikehag

    ISO Chaeto

    Not quite large enough man sorry. 2 weeks and it'll be big
  8. Mikehag

    ISO Chaeto

    Mine will be grown enough to share in a couple if weeks. I am in metairie/kenner area
  9. Mikehag

    zoa frags

    Only 1, 3 head frag still available
  10. Mikehag

    zoa frags

    2 head frag sold. 3 head frags still available
  11. Mikehag

    zoa frags

    2 & 3 head purple monster frags. One of the 3 head frags already has a 4th head growing!$25 and $35 OBOMetairie/kenner/mandeville
  12. Mikehag

    Frags for sale

    Looks awesome, wish you were closer to new orleans!
  13. What size is the yellow tang? I am looking to add a very small one to my system
  14. Mikehag

    2x2 GSP Frags

    Sorry man, I don't drink IPA's, for me it is always stout and porter season!
  15. Mikehag

    2x2 GSP Frags

    metairie/kenner/Mandeville $10 each or a 6 pack of stout/porter and we can kick a few back together.
  16. I have an MP40WQD that I am looking for trade for an MP10WQD that is no more than a year old. The MP40 is just too much flow for my tank size
  17. Mikehag

    60 GALLON RR

    Rules are that prices must be on for sale posts in this forum FYI