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  1. ReefFreek

    Free birdsnest

    I'm in for some, and don't mind muling some back to NOLA for anyone that can't make the trip.
  2. ReefFreek

    Corals for sale.

    I'll take a purple death if you still have one.
  3. This order never ended up happening due to a couple of fiascos at work. Going to order July 4 to ship July 5th and delivery on Thursday the 6th. They have a 10% off promo for the holiday weekend if you are interested.
  4. I did mean Salty Underground, sorry for any confusion, and thanks for reading my mind!
  5. Let me know if anyone wants anything to split shipping. Ordering tonight or tomorrow. In NOLA/Uptown. Thanks,
  6. Let me know if anyone wants anything to split shipping. Ordering tonight or tomorrow. In NOLA/Uptown. thanks,
  7. If that doesn't work out I can give you a couple. Never mind, didn't see that this was from a month ago.
  8. Awesome, bank account just recovering from the WWC live sale. Will start hording my change now for this one!.
  9. The sump is installed and plumbed! Well, at least a temporary one. I had a lot of grit and detritus accumulating on the bare bottom that needed a place to go, as well as skimming off the top of the water. Will have the real sump and equipment today and will work on plumbing it up next weekend.
  10. LED's not halides, but the tank lives in the garage. Even though the garage is shaded and has living space and not an attic above it, it will still need some help keeping the temps down in June, July and August.
  11. It looks like something out of Dr. Seuss, but it works. Amazingly no leaks. S
  12. Okay, here they are. All pictures are WYSIWYG from World Wide Corals (except the frag packs). Yellow polyp cap Purple War Coral Pink Lemonade Chalice Neon Green Aussie Acan Cornbred Bling Bling Cypastrea Cookie Monster Acro Bubblegum Milli
  13. Yes, the leak was stopped and has been holding just fine. Tank is 3/4's full and salt has been added. Going to add the contents of the 24g cube to the left in the pics over the next few days. I had the bright idea last week of plumbing the 1/2 hp chiller in-line with the closed loop (right side of tank) to cut down on the equipment/clutter associated with the sump (left side). Needless to say it became a plumbing nightmare. I think I have it all sorted out...just need to get to Lowe's in the morning for two threaded unions. It will be a minor miracle if there are no leaks. While messing with the plumbing it dawned on me that all of the equipment that I am using was either bought used, re-used from an older tank of mine, or bought used and used on an older tank and now being re-purposed again. I have decided to dub it the "FrankenTank".
  14. Filled tank halfway last night and no leak as of this morning. Will fill the rest of the way tonight and see what tomorrow holds.
  15. Tank has a freakin' pin hole leak in the front right corner. A drop of water will appear after about five minutes, wipe it off, and five minutes later it is back. It looks like the moisture may be originating an inch or so up from the inside corner. Tank has been drained and dried. Ran a box fan in it most of the afternoon. Then ran a bead of acrylic weld around the bottom seam and vertical corners. Will refill the tank and observe tomorrow. I hope this is enough to fix it. If not, any other suggestions?