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  1. Loboy Fragtag Complete Setup with Calc Reactor, Apex, Mp40, Reefbot ( $7k original setup) We are going a different direction and instead of using this new Frag Tank setup, we are going with two small AIO's. This is a complete setup still in service for you to view before you buy. Included are the following Items: Equipment New - Drilled 50 Gallon Zoo Med Loboy New - IceCap 15 Sump New - IceCap K2-50 Protein Skimmer New - IceCap ATO New - Eshoppe M Overflow New - Hydor 750 Return Pump Very Well Taken Care Of: - Apex Classic with (2) Energy Bar 8's - Ecotech MP40QDW - Reef Kinetics Reefbot Setup ca/alk/mg/po4 - (4) Four Hydra 26 LED - Aquatic Life Hybrid 4x54 T5HO 357 w Bulbs - Vertex RX-C 6D Calcium Reactor - Running Reborn & MG - Co2 Bottle - Co2 Regulator - Milwaukee Mc122 Ph Control Setup is over $7k. Feel free to ask any questions. $3800 Cash Please - Local Pickup Only simply due to item size.
  2. Breaking down the Redsea all in one today. (3/1) Updated with the Sicce pumps and a new Sicce skimmer motor. Runs the original T5's with current orbits just for heavy blues at night. Unit comes ready to run ---- $600 obo ---- - Would be open to trade for 2 Radion xr30 G4 Pros if you have those old things just laying around.