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  1. Blake

    165g $900

    Just the nem and some Kenya trees
  2. Blake

    165g $900

    2 clowns with nem and yellow tail damsel
  3. Blake

    165g $900

    nope sorry
  4. Blake

    165g $900

    6” blue hippo still available
  5. Blake

    Blue hippo

    6” 6.5” large blue hippo $150
  6. Blake

    165g $900

    Sent pictures
  7. Blake

    165g $900

    Also the maroon clowns and nem they are hosted and paired will like to sell them together Large purple tang and zoas are left I also have 2 chromes and a yellow tail damsel
  8. Blake

    165g $900

    Large purple tang and zoas are left
  9. Blake

    165g $900

    will Need one power supply for a jebao sow-20 everything works reef octo 150 ext 2) jabeo sow-20 4-1 proclear sump mag 12 pump 400gph pump for skimmer smart ato 3) zetlight 96w ufo
  10. Blake

    LF 40 breeder

    For a sump or a tank?
  11. Very good lights I have a remote for them also would like gone ASAP
  12. Can you send me pictures of livestock?
  13. Blake

    ISO MP40

    looking for 2 mp40's i may have some things for trade
  14. i got 3 lights you could buy!
  15. can i come get that tds meter from you?