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  1. Wanted to add some pictures, Trying to gauge interest in small frags for now
  2. Sure thing, I'll keep you in mind!
  3. I have codium and gracilaria hayi frags if anyone is interested Willing to trade for other macros or cool mushrooms I'm also trying to grow out my dragons breath, blue hypnea pannosa, and red grape so might have those available in the future Local to BR and Denham area
  4. Adrian

    ISO Macro Algae

    Are you looking for large portions or no? I have some gracilaria hayi and codium but not a lot Still growing it out, along with some red grape, hypnea pannosa and dragons breath. I like macros lol 😁
  5. For some reason the images aren't loading for me? but I'd be interested in it PM'd you
  6. Got an SPS to see if it'd grow in my tank, but I made a noob mistake and it looks like it's starting to loose color and my lights not good enough. So, instead of letting it keep dying in my tank- does anyone want to trade any LPS for it? I'd like a candy cane or even a cool mushroom if possible but make an offer Located in BR
  7. Hey y'all! New here looking for macroalgae to put in DT like halimeda, dragons breath, or gracilaria hayi. Also looking for small pink or gold hammerhead and other euphillia frags I'm located in Baton Rouge if that matters but willing to drive out some