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  1. Jawbreakers, Bounces, Zoas/Palys After this week I would be interested in possibly taking some if the price is right
  2. Check your messages and get back with me I might be able to help
  3. #1 Sunny Ds $20 #2 Red Goni $25 #3 AOI Morph Colony $40 #4 Sunny Ds $25 #5 CB Rainbow Infusion $30 #6 CB Vamps In Drag $25 #7 Sunny D $10 #8 ASD Afterburners $15 #9 WWC Utter Chaos $35 #10 WWC Utter Chaos $35 #11 CB Vamps In Drag $30 #12 CB Vamps In Drag $10 #13 CB Vamps In Drag $10 #14 ASD Superman Mushroom $25 #15 The most intense green mushrooms you have ever seen 6 total on this stone $40 #16 Toxic Branching Hammer MASSIVE HEAD 3" skeleton $40 #17 Red Goni Colony opens the size of a softball $150
  4. I have this one left and another one I need to get a pic of These heads are MASSIVE. So big they look like wall hammers but they are not they are Paraancora with abnormally large skeleton growth
  5. Still have a handful of stuff left. My landlord is pist. Still a couple $100 away from my goal. If anybody would like some of what I have please let me know I am mobile today and could meet just about anywhere.
  6. Too bad you aren't closer I'd trade for her
  7. This seems to be a very sought after coral and not a lot of it to go around I have 2 big chunks. If you know this coral then you know it's a $120 for a piece not even as big as your pinky I have 2 of them that are excellent size. $75 each Attached is a picture what you see is what you get of the larger one the other 1 is just a little bit smaller than this.
  8. Thank you very much for the kind words if anybody else would like to deal with me I'll be more than happy to treat you with the same level of respect and generosity. I'm a hoarder so if I get rid of my stuff just know that it is definitely because I need help I don't like giving anything that I've grown and given husbandry to out... I'd rather watch it multiply.
  9. Meeting a couple of members in Kenner today. At noon time. If you get with me ASAP I can meet you there as well just let me know what I'm to bring with me. Thanks guys for the help.
  10. Asking $30 for the WWC Toxic Pie and $30 for the 3G $50 for both OBO
  11. What kind of stuff are you wanting to get?
  12. Following pending. 2 bounce 1 toxic hammer 2 red goni 1 zoas pack 2 superman 2 incinerator I still have stuff $250 away from my goal Anyone want a lil bit of everything $250 I'll make you a killer package guarantee 100% satisfaction