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  1. Big one $60 medium $50 Or both for $100 lafayette area
  2. Selling my 13.5 Fluval nano, with everything in it. tank is in excellent shape and comes with plenty of stuff. equipment: 13.5 Fluval gallon nano tank heater, wave maker, stock Fluval light, skimmer. live stock: 1 -lightning maroon clown fish 1 -6 liner wrasse 1 -big rainbow anemone, with 4-5 baby nems spread out. 1 green monti a side wall covered with green star polyps, that can be scrapped off if not wanted. a beautiful arched rock with mushrooms on it and a Kenya tree coral. a rock full of bam bam zoas and green zoas, a nother rock of eagle eye zoas and reversed eagle eye zoas. tank is well established, I have no time for it since I am focusing on my big tank. Pictures For reference on tank! asking $480. no I will not separate the nem from the clown! - Lafayette/ Youngsville area
  3. I got zoas available. PM sent
  4. Age: close To a year size: 2 and a half inches don’t think they are a bonded pair yet
  5. Looking to sell my mocha storm clownfish. will take $120 for the pair. youngsville/ Lafayette area.
  6. I am selling my 90 gallon saltwater tank, comes with stand, canopy, sump, and return pump. tank is in great shape. I just don’t have time for it right now. Asking 300$. i also have some sand and rock that I recently purchased for 250. will take 100 for both salt and rock.
  7. Any live stock still available or frags?