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  1. cigmin

    LF RO/DI 100gpd

    I have one but needs the filters replaced
  2. cigmin


    I have a used coralife 12x 36 watt
  3. Age? size? are they a bonded pair?
  4. You won't be disappointed in anything Ricky sells
  5. cigmin

    Need Ato

    Ever tried a syphon manual setup ?
  6. If you can get the to me I’ll bring to br
  7. I can bring them to Baton rouge from lafayette and meet during lunch if you guys need help @brambo to Jwatson
  8. any t5 hybrid lights 48 inch?
  9. Tanks stand and pump - 150 will consider coral trades
  10. cigmin


    Price Cyphastria colony?
  11. I can trade you some neon candy cane. What’s the name of that coral?
  12. cigmin

    Free birdsnest

    Just FYI I think thats Superbowl Sunday:)