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  1. Live stock list Male lamark angel 2 pajama cardinals 3 talbot damsels Mustard tang Doctor tang 2 yellowhead jawfish China wrasse Im at a total of 11 fish things are going good besides the jawfish have been hiding since they went into the tank but i can see ther borrow.
  2. Got a lil plumbing work done yesterday I will put the finishing touches on it today and start working on the scape stay tuned. rodi unit installed and water is going in the most exciting and frustrating part of this hobby to me I praying for no leaks. she's getting there slowly but surely still filling her up finally we almost there did a lik scaping also the salt is in yes rock and sand added just needs to clear up
  3. Yeah I been checking out mobius and I'm waiting to see what they have in store for it tbh I have had some problems with my apex more than once and wanted to get rid of it but didn't . But if something comes out that's way better in jumping on it.
  4. all cleaned up and installed the t5s now all I have to do is install my 3 xr30 radion g1s with wide angle lens. More to come!!!! Got the eshopps sump D&D marine terminator 2 skimmer and K2R calcium reactor in place which came off my old 200 gallon system. I also put in 2 jecod cross flow pumps one on the right side and one on the back I wanna add another one on the left side but it may not fit due to the overflow box placement. And last but not least I mounted my Apex controller display one the back left corner of the canopy I might bit the bullet and upgrade to the new apex maybe or maybe not but more to come you guys I work on this build daily after work so stay tuned. added some of the base rock that use to be live that came out of one of my buddies 300 gallon I also plan on using some dead oyster reef structures that I got from grand isle in the scape also.
  5. Outragoues90


    Looking for a rodi unit locally if anyone has one for sale
  6. im interested but im just getting around ti setting up my 90 gallon tank