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  1. im looking for a good sump anywhere from a 24 inch sump to a 36 inch sump that I can put a filter roller on for the new build
  2. What about the skimmer is it still available
  3. Yes i do what do you have
  4. looking for another reef tank any where from 100 to 150 gallons is anyone has one or know some one with one for sale please point me into their direction.
  5. Is it still available and is this peninsula style tank
  6. Bump new price 250 I need them gone
  7. looking fora large tank anywhere from a 125 to a 200 gallon just the tank itself.
  8. 7 to 9 inch valmingi tang 5 inch doctor tang 2 pearl jawfish and i will throw in 2 pajamas cardinals and 2 talbot damsels for free asking 400 obo need them gone asap moving in least than a week and a half.
  9. What about the skimmer
  10. Live stock list Male lamark angel 2 pajama cardinals 3 talbot damsels Mustard tang Doctor tang 2 yellowhead jawfish China wrasse Im at a total of 11 fish things are going good besides the jawfish have been hiding since they went into the tank but i can see ther borrow.
  11. Outragoues90


    I'll take it off of your hands
  12. Got a lil plumbing work done yesterday I will put the finishing touches on it today and start working on the scape stay tuned. rodi unit installed and water is going in the most exciting and frustrating part of this hobby to me I praying for no leaks. she's getting there slowly but surely still filling her up finally we almost there did a lik scaping also the salt is in yes rock and sand added just needs to clear up
  13. Yeah I been checking out mobius and I'm waiting to see what they have in store for it tbh I have had some problems with my apex more than once and wanted to get rid of it but didn't . But if something comes out that's way better in jumping on it.