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  1. 185takes it in deed this thing gone by Sunday night.
  2. Outragoues90

    90 gallon

    Up for sale is my 5 month old aqueon 90 gallon that I purchased from reef coral back in my it comes with the over flow kit but no stand or other equipment 300 obo.
  3. I have a 60 inch rms multi light bar by ecotech up for sale for 60.00 or I can trade for a 40 inch rms multi light bar which I need for my new tank.
  4. im looking for a good sump anywhere from a 24 inch sump to a 36 inch sump that I can put a filter roller on for the new build
  5. What about the skimmer is it still available
  6. Yes i do what do you have
  7. looking for another reef tank any where from 100 to 150 gallons is anyone has one or know some one with one for sale please point me into their direction.
  8. Is it still available and is this peninsula style tank
  9. Bump new price 250 I need them gone
  10. looking fora large tank anywhere from a 125 to a 200 gallon just the tank itself.