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  1. Wavemakers are sold. Lighting system reduced to $150.
  2. I have the following items for sale:$165 CURRENT USA Orbit Marine IC PRO Dual LED Reef Aquarium Light (18"-24") Bluetooth (model #4334)$85 CURRENT USA EFLUX Loop Accessory DC Wave Pumps 660 GPH (Pumps Only) (2 pumps)I purchased them new in January and installed them at the end of February. The lights were up and running for approximately 3 months on my tank and the wave pumps are still in use until I sell them or convince myself that a MP40 is really worth $360. I upgraded to a larger tank.I also have the items to control these pumps separate from the bluetooth module included in the light kit (pump hub, pump LED display, pump wireless remote control, and ir sensor). I only ordered these items to temporarily use the wave pumps because someone agreed to purchase the light kit and then backed out. These items totaled $40. In order for these wave pumps to work separately from the light kit, you have to have these items so it will be an additional $40 if you don't buy them with the light kit.
  3. I purchased this tank new in January from Aquacave.com and I built the stand myself. Immediately after setting up the tank I realized I wanted something a little bigger. The tank is back in the factory box and the tank and stand must be picked up at my house in Ponchatoula. Tank: Innovative Marine Nuvo Fusion Pro (tank, mesh screen top, (2) 200 micron filter sock, custom caddy media basket, and MightyJet 15W/24V 326 GPH DC return pump with controller with plumbing). Tank accessory: EZ Reefing Solutions EZ Water Level Adjuster set Stand: Constructed out of poplar for framing, maple plywood for panels, and cypress for trimming. Includes a shelf that can be adjusted to different heights. Stand is 25 1/2" W X 15 7/8" D X 37" T
  4. I have a 20 Gallon Innovative Marine Nuvo Fusion Pro with a custom stand painted black that I will be selling probably at the end of next week. I bought it brand new from Aquacave in January and it's only been up and running for 8 weeks now. I decided I wanted something a little bigger and the new tank would have been set up by now but it was delivered with the front glass shattered. The replacement is supposed to be here Tuesday. I am only selling the tank and stand. The tank includes the maxijet dc return pump, mesh screen tip, media basket, 2 filter socks, glass magnet, and a pair of surface skimmers to increase the display tank water height. I am asking $300.