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  1. I have the following items for sale:

    $165 CURRENT USA Orbit Marine IC PRO Dual LED Reef Aquarium Light (18"-24") Bluetooth (model #4334)

    $85 CURRENT USA EFLUX Loop Accessory DC Wave Pumps 660 GPH (Pumps Only) (2 pumps)

    I purchased them new in January and installed them at the end of February. The lights were up and running for approximately 3 months on my tank and the wave pumps are still in use until I sell them or convince myself that a MP40 is really worth $360. I upgraded to a larger tank.

    I also have the items to control these pumps separate from the bluetooth module included in the light kit (pump hub, pump LED display, pump wireless remote control, and ir sensor).  I only ordered these items to temporarily use the wave pumps because someone agreed to purchase the light kit and then backed out. These items totaled $40. In order for these wave pumps to work separately from the light kit, you have to have these items so it will be an additional $40 if you don't buy them with the light kit.






  2. I purchased this tank new in January from Aquacave.com and I built the stand myself.  Immediately after setting up the tank I realized I wanted something a little bigger.  The tank is back in the factory box and the tank and stand must be picked up at my house in Ponchatoula.
    Tank:  Innovative Marine Nuvo Fusion Pro (tank, mesh screen top, (2) 200 micron filter sock, custom caddy media basket, and MightyJet 15W/24V 326 GPH DC return pump with controller with plumbing).
    Tank accessory:  EZ Reefing Solutions EZ Water Level Adjuster set
    Stand:  Constructed out of poplar for framing, maple plywood for panels, and cypress for trimming.  Includes a shelf that can be adjusted to different heights.  Stand is 25 1/2" W X 15 7/8" D X 37" T



  3. I have a 20 Gallon Innovative Marine Nuvo Fusion Pro with a custom stand painted black that I will be selling probably at the end of next week.  I bought it brand new from Aquacave in January and it's only been up and running for 8 weeks now.  I decided I wanted something a little bigger and the new tank would have been set up by now but it was delivered with the front glass shattered.  The replacement is supposed to be here Tuesday.  I am only selling the tank and stand.  The tank includes the maxijet dc return pump, mesh screen tip, media basket, 2 filter socks, glass magnet, and a pair of surface skimmers to increase the display tank water height.  I am asking $300.