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  1. ABI Tuna Blue LED Bulb Coral Reef Optimized Spectrum PAR38 Though I am considering upgrading to the 24w
  2. October update.
  3. I have two goni’s I picked up from some recent online sales that I’m looking to trade. A Cali kid sour punch and a TSA raspberry lemonade. I’m mainly looking to trade for zoa, ricordea, or a hammer, but I’m willing to entertain offers.
  4. The jars 8 month old. Just an air stone, heater, and weekly water change.
  5. Located in Houma. Text me. 985-278-8387.
  6. Sure. I've added a few things.
  7. Everything’s been good so far. I’ve added a few more zoas since then. I had one that didn’t make it but it was dragged the day I got it so I don’t feel so bad about it. Gonna do a good feeding and water change tomorrow.
  8. ISO corals in or around Houma. I have a pico so nothing big. nine eight five 278 eighty three eighty seven
  9. I saw someone post one of these on reddit years ago and finally started my own at the beginning of the year. This thing was extremely simple and cheap to set up. 2 gallon cookie jar - $15 (Target) 38par led bulb -$25 (Amazon) 50 watt heater - $10 (Amazon) 50GPH pump - $10 (Amazon) Few pounds of wet rock - $10 (LFS) Aragonite sand - $15 (LFS) 2 gallons of water from my LFS display tank. The tank cycled really fast. It only took like 2/3 weeks. I added a CUC of 5 hermits and a snail. I have a small banded serpent starfish that was a hitchhiker. So far I've got zoas, GSP, a muchroom, a ricordea mushroom, monitpora, a chalice, a flower anemone, and two pavonas. Once a week I feed Polyplabs polyp booster and reef roids then do a 100% water change a few hours later.