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  1. Haha! Glad everyone enjoyed themselves and enjoyed the crawfish. Couldn't have done it without all the help!
  2. Cycle a tank with designed bacteria. I.e, seachem seed, Dr. Tim's one and only, etc. not with fish. Fish shouldnt be added until ammonia is gone. Otherwise, they'll likely die of ammonia burn.
  3. The cirrhilabrus rubeus was putting on a show, flashing his colors.
  4. I wouldn't go tugging on it. It'll spew spores which will only cause it to spread. Superglue may be an option.
  5. Fast. Remove and chunk the rock, if you can. If not, good luck. I never had success with any of the standard aiptasia removal methods (lemon juice, kalk, aiptasia-x, Joe's juice, etc.).
  6. What bacteria did you add to kick off the cycle?
  7. Maybe add an extra powerhead in the sump or even use it handheld and go in there and get it mixed up.
  8. Damn! I should have hired you to come plumb my tank.