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  1. Skimmer is working well. Haven't had any problems to date. Trying to set up my Apex Aqua Controller, which is a pain. Any experience with Apex Controllers.
  2. Tank has been up and running for about a month. Figured it was time to update you guys on the forum. Used BRS Reef Saver Rock, Dr. Tim's One and Only. Had the clownfish in the tank since day 3 and their doing well. Went out yesterday and bought some corals, Naso Tang, and Yellow Tang. Tank is a little cloudy because I moved some rock around and add Dr. Tim's Stress Relief & Immune Support. Yes, I like Dr. Tim's products (backed by research!) Here's the link to the most recent pictures I took this morning.
  3. No, I still have the T5's. I'm in love with this tank. It truly is a piece of work. Can't wait til my sand arrives. I actually saw an S650 (which I wanted originally, but not enough space where I wanted to put my tank) which convinced me to purchase the new S-series. The tank is so quiet compared to all my previous tanks. Planning on hooking up my Apex controller tomorrow. I guess I can also start designing my aquascape.
  4. Well we made it to Lafayette and we're loving the southern hospitality! Finally settled in and my new RSM S500 tank arrived on Thursday by way of John at Acrylic Aquariums (who's awesome by the way!) Took a few days to set up, given the fact that we have a 6 month old daughter. Awaiting the arrival of my sand on Tuesday and I'll be ready to aquascape and starting cycling. Here are a few fair quality pictures (iPhone) and a small video. Enjoy, more to come! https://picasaweb.go...0317/June232012