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  1. Post a pic of the algae. Some of the Rhodos are pretty invasive and will out compete the Chloros. Mike are you dosing for the Chaeto? I had a similar issue with my Pax Bellum. Insane growth which stalled out and started getting GHA. The Pax came with some supplements to dose which I hadn't been using. Started dosing, GHA went away and growth went back into overdrive. IIRC, the reactor is so efficient that the chaetos growth strips iron out of the water too quick which stalls growth
  2. That's a crazy amount of pods. I ordered 1/2 that for the 300 and those bastads cover the glass. Same goes with amphipods. Ordered 1000 from RoyalReefs and I dump hundreds out of the socks when changing them.
  3. Did Mark still own the shop 3-4 years ago? I know he sold it shortly after moving locations but cant remember exactly when. IIRC the new owners reputation was even worse.
  4. Never bought any of their artificial rock. Having shopped there for many years when they were the only game in town, I wouldn't be surprised if they cut corners on the rock to make an extra buck. Think that mentality is what ultimately led to their downfall, I'd replace it.
  5. Glad to see you back! We moved and I'm just down the road from you on Green Trails if you need a hand with anything.
  6. One the numerous blennies (only one), firefish, basslets. Scratch the pistol shrimp idea, somehow missed you didn't have sand. The pinkbar isn't going to appreciate the lack of sand...
  7. I'd set up a rubble pile in the DT for pods to breed in addition to the fuge and place Mandarin in DT. It will decimate the population and likely starve if placed in fuge. I'd only add one more clown of the same species and smaller than the existing clown. The Chromis are going to kill each other off till one is left. The Pinkbar goby is a shrimp goby and may be worth pairing with a pistol.
  8. Stichodactyla gigantea aka Gig, species of carpet anemone Gigs in my old 75
  9. I had the perfect fish room right behind the tank, one of the first things I thought of when initially looking at house. It's a fairly large storage room under the stairs. I planned to punch a whole in the wall and have a sweet setup room. Well, I should have bought the house before I got married. It's now full of brooms, vacuums, and other junk I never intend to use.
  10. The rock in the middle came from BRS and was labeled "Fancy Fiji Branch". I only saw it listed the one time and bought 35# out of curiosity, wish I had bought more.
  11. What dimensions did you go with?
  12. Yep. Cyclopeeze, which I wasn't expecting, and PE Mysid
  13. Had a 25% code at BZ so figured I better knock out a large chunk of the stocklist at one time. Still on the hunt for a juvie Blueface. BZ has a nice new feature. When you go to check out they normally have random crap you can add- nets, dry food, pods- stuff I've always skipped. They now have fish and inverts. Snagged 6 cleaner shrimp for $60